A Community of Reconciliation

115A2969-001I took this photo after a wonderful and potentially ground breaking gathering recently at my Muslim friend’s home. We were Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Secular guests of the Khaki’s who shared over “3 cups of tea”. The 3 cups represent first, listening to each other, then learning and finally, respecting each other. It’s a simple yet powerful antidote to much of the toxic conversation in our world today and the national conversation in the U.S. especially. My friend Jawad’s invitation was that we all simply do something similar. This event was birthed out of relationship building, extending a hand to each other, and trusting God for the results. I was honored to be part of this important initiative.

115A6802We met again but this time with several politicians. We’re seeking to bring our voice into our political situation, actively working for reconciliation and peace in our communities, in a context and time which seems characterized by venom. What if we lived by a different script? Here’s some of my thinking on what that script might include. See my 10 What If’s for peacemaking.

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