Blessed Are The Peacemakers: Feedback from Viewers

“I fully enjoyed the perspective. Thank you! Continue this journey, please. I have spent many years in the Middle East and authored a book on culture. I have a Phd in study of NGO’s in Cairo as well…Your content can also help the Egyptians too. I would like to help with the teaching and curriculum development and any other part. God Bless you.”

“Congratulations! Great stuff! Reminded me of Rick Steves tour episode. Great treatment of the topic. Well organized. Balanced.”

“Held back tears many times. We all want peace. Seeing the faces, hearing them speak from their hearts is so powerful. How can people engage locally? Trips abroad?”

“..a vision into the reality of what’s happening that we don’t get in the U.S. media. A What was it like?challenge to the Christian community to consider our role in the causes and possible resolution. And ultimately a message of hope. Thank you! Andy, let’s stay in touch about the possibility of a showing at Luther’s table!”

“Well done! I’d like more history of Israel the State. I’m too young to know that…I didn’t know there was a wall. I feel very ignorant of the conflict. I suspect when you take this on the road, you will have to explain a lot of basic history to some folks. I appreciate being exposed to this more deeply. I liked hearing from real people/residents of the area.”

 “God bless you Andy! This documentary was so meaningful to me! It made me see different points of view. It was really touching to see people who believe in hope; the positiveness that the people shared in the end was amazing. The love. I appreciate the work and danger that you put yourself in just to show that peace really exits. I hope that people like you would expand. Because we need you to make the world better. I look up to you! Do not make anything stop you.”

The show begins“a precious collection of reflections and stories from ordinary people in Palestine, centering on their humanity and the quest for peace! Beautiful.”

“It’s really a blessing to be able to watch the movie. It encourages me to search a lot more for peace. Thank you for sharing your experience.”

“This is beautifully and humbly presented. Thank you for the education. I’m a novice photographer and would love to shadow you.”

“Excellent movie. How does another church get access to use of movie.”

“Uplifting, offers true hope.”

“Congratulations Andy! The film needs to be marketed to as many media outlets as possible, even national ones. Also to groups, churches, Islamic centers, synagogs, etc. Local press.”

“Beautiful. Keep shining the light Andy!”

“Very moving and important message. I am very grateful that this important work is being done.”

“Great piece in getting lives and experience of the actual people who live there. Thank you!”

“Thank you for the work you are doing and the stories you are sharing.”What about the Wall?

“Awesome! I loved that it was the people of Palestine & Israel telling their stories. Their narrative. It moved me and stirred my spirit, and brought tears to my eyes. What can we as Christians in the U.S. do to help be/do peacemaking? How can we support peacemaking in Israel & Palestine.”

“Great job Andy! John. I’d like to see this movie available in a broader spectrum. How do we break down the mystique and filtered message that Americans and Christians are fed? Thanks for helping me understand better.”

“Thank you for making such an important documentary educating the American public about Palestine and some of the struggles experienced there.”

“Really timely message every Christian should hear.”

“I appreciate that it was shown the local emotions of the Israelis and Palestinians. That they are afraid and that Americans need to get involved. I also like that Palestinian Christians were interviewed.”

“Will you come show this at my church? Amazing. Poignant but so true. You did a great job, showing both sides. Not pro one or the other. Pro Peace.”

“Very educational. Thank you. How can I get involved?”

“My favorite part of the film was the wrap up where those who were surrounded by the violence and loss still had the optimism of peace.”

“Thanks so much for this film. Hoping we can possibly show it at UPC?”

_ACP7336“I really liked the nativity (Claire’s piece). It really drives home the point of how the wall divides people. I think it may be helpful to lead with some more history or definition of terms….but overall the film is great! ;-).”

“Wonderfully produced, gives me hope for the future with people like Andy. How can we follow the film’s showings thru the country? Blessed are the peacemakers.”

“Need more history about the area. People only know what they see on the news. I really liked the light attitude Andrew. Smiling and showing love. Why don’t they pull the wall down? Some discussion about the disparity would help make a connection. It was very moving to hear the point of view of the assorted everyman and woman as well as the religious leaders.”

“This is a wonderful message. Thank you!”

“I really appreciated the simple common voices speaking from both perspectives. This is the Palestine/Israel we saw four years ago while there for 7 weeks. This is authentic! How do we help Americans grasp what is really going on in Israel/Palestine? Thanks.”

“The film was powerful because the audience heard from civilians on both sides of the 12524298_10206521707534131_5074150221240174550_nconflict. What can the people of Seattle do to learn more/become active in peace efforts for Israel & Palestine.”

“My heart was opened to see another perspective and feel what it has not really felt for those imprisoned by the wall and the conflict… This will be a great teaching tool. I wonder why God invited me to make a drive up to Ballard tonight…now I know! Thanks so much. Loved the food.”

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