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Getting Thru the Dark Spots

Visio Divina & this year’s Calendar This is the time of year when the shortening of days shrinks our exposure to the sunlight and its healing UV rays. It also seems to be the time when we find a preponderance of personal challenges, even crises of emotional health and family cohesion in some cases. To say it isn’t so is living in denial. When I was a pastor, tending a flock of several hundred people, this time of year…

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10 Tips to Soulful Photography. Tip #2: The Wow Factor

You can do this (well sorta) with your cell phone. Tip #2: Find Something that Takes Your Breath Away! When was the last time you said under your breath (or exclaimed out loud), “WOW?” Last summer I went up to Mt. Rainier to hike under the stars. I was hoping to experiment doing some night photography, using some new techniques I had learned but not yet perfected. I remember getting set up with my tripod and beginning to compose…

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10 Tips to Soulful Photography. #1: Slow Down

You can do this with your cell phone! Tip #1. Slow Down: The Discipline of Thinking before you Snap What do you see? Wait….. wait for it….. What do YOU see? Not what does the last great picture you looked at look like. There’s a frequent knee jerk reaction when we see an eye popping photo. We think, and many ask me (because a lot of my photos catch people’s eye perhaps ;-), where did you get that picture?…

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