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10 Tips to Soulful Photography. Tip #2: The Wow Factor

You can do this (well sorta) with your cell phone. Tip #2: Find Something that Takes Your Breath Away! When was the last time you said under your breath (or exclaimed out loud), “WOW?” Last summer I went up to Mt. Rainier to hike under the stars. I was hoping to experiment doing some night photography, using some new techniques I had learned but not yet perfected. I remember getting set up with my tripod and beginning to compose…

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Avoid the Hamster Wheel This Christmas–2017 Calendar Feedback

Thanks for your interest in this year’s calendar. I’m looking forward to next year’s edition already, planning a few special photo trips including some hiking in the North Cascades. Keep posted. Until then, Know Peace yourself and Make Peace in the world and communities around you. Feedback is already coming in on this year’s calendar. Know Peace. Make Peace. Check it out below. Grab your’s before they are sold out. “The pilgrim worried that sometimes he would not have…

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Wednesday Dose of Wonder

Visio Divina I’m sleep deprived tonight after just 3 hours of sleep over the last 24. After helping my daughter move to her new place in Portland last night I crashed for a few hours before heading up to Lake Trillium near Mt. Hood in Oregon. I’ve been salivating for some time now at other photographer’s shots from this magical place. And it clearly did not disappoint. Here is one of my favorite quotes that speaks to the need…

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