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Andy’s Trip to the United Nations

You ever walk away from an experience and have a deep sense that something HOLY just happened? My trip this week to the United Nations was one of those. First of all, how in the world did I get to this place, at this time, with these people? Well, watch the video and then read my answers and observations from the day below. Thanks for listening. And reading. And praying. And supporting this important work that is full of…

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Blessed Are The Peacemakers: Feedback from Viewers

“I fully enjoyed the perspective. Thank you! Continue this journey, please. I have spent┬ámany years in the Middle East and authored a book on culture. I have a Phd in study of NGO’s in Cairo as well…Your content can also help the Egyptians too. I would like to help with the teaching and curriculum development and any other part. God Bless you.” “Congratulations! Great stuff! Reminded me of Rick Steves tour episode. Great treatment of the topic. Well organized….

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A Tense Week in Jerusalem Layered with Interviews of Honest Hope

What a week in Jerusalem! The news cycle keeps this city with paramount historical importance to all 3 monotheistic religions, and the world really, ever before us. I was there last week with friend and film producer, John Yeager, in the middle of the current tension seeking, ironically, to capture the story of peacemaking. Stan Friedman of the Covenant Newswire wrote a story yesterday about my experience. Here is his story of an experience we had in the middle…

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I Caught a Whiff of Tear Gas Finally

Several weeks ago I had my first experience with tear gas here in Hebron. I realized something was up when I saw several of the other international volunteers wearing a gas mask. I said to myself, “looks like trouble.” But it also made me wonder, “why didn’t we get that memo?” Sure enough within 15 minutes of my initial observation I saw some young Palestinians boys throwing rocks, to be answered almost immediately with a “bang, bang!” Tear gas…

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