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From Peacetalkers to Peacemakers + Make Hummus Not Walls

Check out the Video Study Guide Intro Want to learn more about peacemaking efforts in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? We’ve got two new releases for you. Make Hummus not Walls (a 25 minute emotional, but factually driven documentary movie of personal stories in the midst of conflict). Our sequel movie (following “Blessed Are the Peacemakers” ) tells the story of a contentious week in Jerusalem and the broader Palestinian-Israeli conflict in May, 2018 when we were on location for about 12…

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What is Visual Peacemaking?

Philosophy behind “Blessed Are The Peacemakers” Movie and my larger work in Visual Peacemaking Throughout history people have fallen into the trap of making enemies with, demonizing, stereotyping, and fighting the “other.” There has been a flood of conflicts based on ethnic, cultural, and religious identity in the post-cold war era that have ended the lives of millions, destroyed economies, and torn apart families.  Much of this has been fueled by the growing availability of technology, especially photography and…

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Blessed Are The Peacemakers: Feedback from Viewers

“I fully enjoyed the perspective. Thank you! Continue this journey, please. I have spent many years in the Middle East and authored a book on culture. I have a Phd in study of NGO’s in Cairo as well…Your content can also help the Egyptians too. I would like to help with the teaching and curriculum development and any other part. God Bless you.” “Congratulations! Great stuff! Reminded me of Rick Steves tour episode. Great treatment of the topic. Well organized….

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Peacetalkers or Peacemakers

Last summer I had the opportunity to interview Rev. Mitri Raheb for our movie on peacemaking in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Mitri is a pastor in Bethlehem and author of several important books. And he’s a new friend. He is a true peacemaker who as a pastor of the Christmas Lutheran Church a few hundred yards from Manger Square, works tirelessly in the effort of making peace. In our interview with Mitri he hit upon an important distinction that I’d…

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The Final Push–Giving Peace a Chance

Momentum is building and the chorus of those committed to (and working for) peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is growing. But the voice of those who want to silence any possibility of peace is simultaneously getting louder. The specter of more violence, and the loss of life also seems very present. In fact, on my trip to Israel and Palestine in November the tension was palpable with riots, street skirmishes, and several deaths from violence on both sides over…

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