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Getting Thru the Dark Spots

Visio Divina & this year’s Calendar This is the time of year when the shortening of days shrinks our exposure to the sunlight and its healing UV rays. It also seems to be the time when we find a preponderance of personal challenges, even crises of emotional health and family cohesion in some cases. To say it isn’t so is living in denial. When I was a pastor, tending a flock of several hundred people, this time of year…

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Using Photography to Recover Our Sight

Hey photo friends. Photos are all decided for my Visio Divina 2018 Calendar. Wanted to say I’m working on copy and quotes for my calendar and also the design of a special digital supplement for those who want to go deeper. I don’t want to drop my loyal fans so here is a preview of what I’m planning to add to this deeper experience. 1. Own your own copies of hi-res versions of each month’s photo so you can make…

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What is Visio Divina?

“Jesus came to drive a wedge in the status quo and create spaces where new life can happen,” says John Perkins. Our personal lives, the zip codes where we receive our mail and shop for groceries, and the globe we inhabit seem to be spinning out of control. How can we create spaces where the status quo can be exchanged for this new life? Visio Divina is a practice of seeing, and praying with images or other media. I’ve used photography…

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10 Tips to Soulful Photography. #1: Slow Down

You can do this with your cell phone! Tip #1. Slow Down: The Discipline of Thinking before you Snap What do you see? Wait….. wait for it….. What do YOU see? Not what does the last great picture you looked at look like. There’s a frequent knee jerk reaction when we see an eye popping photo. We think, and many ask me (because a lot of my photos catch people’s eye perhaps ;-), where did you get that picture?…

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