Divine Seeing: Photography and the Spiritual Life


I’m giving a 3 hour workshop May 4th at Pine Lake Covenant Church entitled “Divine Seeing: Photography and the Spiritual Life.”

C.S. Lewis wrote, “The world is crowded with God. He walks everywhere incognito.” Sometimes life clouds our vision and we lose our way, our sense of God’s presence in the midst of our chaos. Other times we lose the reality of God’s love in the busyness of our responsibilities and distractions, the burdens of our own sin, or the words of our own abstractions about God.”

Come explore with us how to recover our senses, and realign our hearts with God, with the aid of a camera in hand. Photography has become for me, a spiritual discipline in this journey.

When: May 4th, Pine Lake Covenant Church. 9:00 – 12:00
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  1. Andrew, I’d like to communicate with you about your dissertation, especially as related to syncretistic elements in USA Christianity. I’m working on a Ph.D. and interested in developing this theme further. Thanks – Dale

    1. Author

      Dale, I don’t check this blog often enough, at least recently so my apologies. How can I help? Where are you studying and what are some of your thoughts on syncretism?

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