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"I fully enjoyed the perspective. Thank you! Continue this journey, please...God Bless you."

May 25, 2016

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Two years ago at this time we were in our last stages of preparation for going to the Holy vimeo-bannerLand to film for our movie on peacemaking. The news was full of stories of violent confrontations and conflict. We were considering pulling the plug on our trip, consulting with friends and groups on the ground on whether it was safe for us to go to the region. We were still asking for money as we were on a shoe string budget to produce this movie (no worries, I’m not asking for $ now). People were giving us their blessings and prayers as we purchased our airline tickets and finalized our itinerary.  We were eager to get the thoughts on the prospect for peace in this longstanding conflict from friends and peacemakers we lined up to interview.

And here we are today! Some things remain the same. Some of the conditions have gotten worse. But I still feel the amazing tenacity and hope for peace that springs from the lives and stories of those we spoke with, epitomized in the lines of Palestinian poet, Mahmoud Darwish– “We suffer from an incurable malady: hope.”

We’ve finished the movie and finally landed on a title, “Blessed Are The Peacemakers: One Man’s Journey to find the Heart of Palestine.” We felt it was time actually to try and give voice to the voiceless, to those who normally aren’t heard. It is really also my story of discovery, finding in my relationships with peacemakers a message that resonates with the words of Jesus on peacemaking.

Feedback from our various screenings has been exciting. We even had a group of new Muslim friends come to a screening in Saskatoon, Canada after we visited their mosque. I continue my work in the broader area of peacemaking between Muslims and Christians and this movie has helped foster this conversation.

Here’s how you can join in this vital work of peacemaking around our movie:

  1. VIEW OUR MOVIE on Peacemaking. Host a screening and create some discussion around the topic of peace in the Holy Land. Maybe you can move from mere talking about peace to actual peaceMAKING as suggested in our movie by Rev. Mitri Raheb!”
  2. TELL OTHERS. Spread the word personally by talking it up with friends, family or your church. Point them to the landing page to learn more and watch the movie themselves. The key is to get more eyeballs to watch.
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA. Promote the movie on social media. The landing page is easy to point to from any device.
  4. INIVITE me to speak to your group about the movie, the on-going work of peacemaking in this conflict, or other topics around the broader ministry of peacemaking. Write me at
  5. DEVLVE DEEPER into the issues and become informed and active in advocating for peace in this conflict. My forthcoming study guide will soon be available under resources on the movie page.

In summary, please join this important journey in peacemaking. I’ve developed support resources for this journey of peacemaking centered around the movie including– a movie trailer, movie poster, bulletin insert, screening guide to help with an event you host and also a study guide that can be utilized in a small group or adult education group over six weeks. Go to my movie landing page for any of these resources, to stream my movie, or write me with your questions. Do it now.

Thanks for joining this important journey for peace,

Andy Larsen, Peacemaker

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