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A Tribute to my Dad: A Legacy to Survive and Thrive

This year’s calendar is dedicated to my father who passed away last March.


1:00 AM here on Mount Everest


“Hey Andy, woke up dreaming about you and your Dad and Sister. Your Dad was truly amazing on those trips on Mount Olympus with his homemade grill. I feel pretty insignificant sometimes and a component of this modern technology involved climbing these days. I admire the rawness of the outdoor area of my youth with you and Jeff Whidden, etc. and those days. Come sell some photos in my shop this season. I will be back from Everest next month. God bless you and your family!”


This is one of many tributes to my Dad on his passing this last year. This one stuck out to me because it was from a friend that Dad influenced to start climbing mountains. Craig Van Hoy went on to great heights. Now with his own climbing guide service, has summited Mt. Everest several times. Additionally, Craig has reached the top of Mt. Rainier over 400 times and even held the speed record for climbing Rainier of 5 hrs and 25 minutes, round-trip from Paradise to the summit, for many years.


Dad started me climbing mountains in the 70’s with a climb up Mt. St. Helens before it blew its top, and also a trek up Mt. Olympus. I did not take it as far as Craig, but being introduced to the mountains paralleled being introduced to photography when again my Dad gave me a gift that’s still with me 45 years later. Handing me his camera on one of those normal hikes below 5 thousand feet, he showed me a few things about shutter speed and lighting. And now, even after Dad is gone, whenever I feel a little lost or just in need of finding solid ground under my feet, I often grab my camera and head for the hills. What a gift my father gave me, and many many others. Besides the gift of his humble strength and steadfastness, he gave me tools to survive and thrive. Enjoy the visual journey. Thank you Dad!

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul” ~ John Muir

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