There Will Always be Bullies, and War. But What about Peace? Part 1.

March 1st, 2016.

In between the East….

and West….. 

standing at the seam of the meeting place….

of the North American and the Eurasian tectonic plates.


This was the place where the Cold War focused…

it was a strategic piece of Real Estate in the universe of ideas…115A3694

It’s snowing outside my hostel near the Keflavik International Airport. It’s 8am. Still dark and snowing. But traffic and life are bustling as the day begins. Kids are going to school in the cold AND dark. Life doesn’t stop because of a snow flurry.

Airplanes nearby are launching people to their next destinations. My hostel is located on an old NATO site that before that was a U.S. military site during the Cold War. The area has the feel of an old military compound. There are airplane hangers, communication towers and rotating flashing lights. It feels like they’re looking into the sky or listening to the chatter between continents to their left and right, geographically speaking. The security apparatus during the cold war was significant. A lot of money, energy, and people’s careers were dedicated to guarding against, or aggressing upon another. Or at least listening in to the highest levels of planning about such things.

As I reflect upon the situation in Syria, Israel and Palestine, and concurrently the debates that would determine who will be the next leader of the free world, I am keenly aware that there will always be bullies. And war.

But will there always be peacemakers?


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  1. Looking forward to your presentation at Bellingham Covenant Church tomorrow, May 7th! I too passed through Keflavik airport, a couple of months before you. I too found myself reflecting on issues of peace in the Middle East, as I headed towards Greece to volunteer with refugees. I am so interested in hearing your experiences, and your thoughts. Thanks for your insightful blog posts:)

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