Photos have an evolution. A story that draws the eye into something deeper. In this space, I want to invite viewers into two aspects of the experience of taking photos. 

1) Part of this is related to the technique of taking a photo. I find many people even asking me, “what f-stop or aperture did you use to take that picture?” Especially if you carry around a standard camera, like we all did before the advent of the cell phone. But another component of this piece can be found in a cluster of facets that go into the taking a photo. Time of day, light, speed of the shutter, etc. blah blah blah

2) The other aspect of photography has to do with what I like to call, “the soul of photography!” I often tell friends and viewers that photography functions for me like a contemplative practice. Something happens to my inner process, my spirit, when I’m in a place taking photos. The silence or serenity of a place often opens me to a deeper awareness of everything around me, both seen and unseen.

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