A Prayer for the Road Less Traveled

From early on in my life I knew I was called to a Road Less Traveled. This is kind of a prayer I whisper today to myself. Thank goodness there are those naps along the way.

“Lord, set me a path by the side of the road.
I pray this be a part of your plan,
Then heap on the burden & pile on the load,
And I’ll trek it the best that I can.
Please bless me with patience,
Touch strength to my back
Then cut me loose and I’ll go
Just like the burro toting his pack,
The oxen ploughing his row
And once on this journey, a witness for You
Toward thy way the Truth and the Light
Shine forth my countenance steady and true
For the pathway to goodness and right
And lest I should falter
And lest I should fail
Let all who know that I tried
For I am a bunglar, feeble & frail
When You, dear Lord, I’ve denied
So blessed be the day Your judgement comes due
And blessed by thy mercies bestowed
And blessed be this journey, all praises to You
For this path by the side of the road”
~ Nimblewill Nomad

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