_MG_5798Hi, I’m Andrew Larsen — thanks for stopping by!  I’m on a journey to personally know, and make peace. That’s both a deeply inward, but also outward journey. I’m more convinced these two movements must work together. Otherwise we split piety from ethics, or our own “peace of mind” from making a difference in the world around us. For me, Jesus is an integral part of the entire journey.

My day job is serving as a consultant with churches and non-profit groups seeking to understand the “other” (particularly Muslims) and empower peacemaking initiatives. I use photography, relationship building, and a growing network among Muslim, Christian, and advocacy groups to build bridges between divergent communities. Working with Serve Globally of the Covenant Church as well as Peace Catalyst International (and as an ordained minister), I work to host peace feasts, multi-faith dialogue, and advocacy for the vulnerable in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict (see my movie link here: Blessed Are The Peacemakers: A Journey to Palestine).

To intentionally work on the inner journey, I’m a companion with the Selah Community, which is committed to the contemplative life. We take time to pause on purpose, to nurture the reflective life with Jesus in listening prayer, solitude and other disciplines to cultivate the strength and perspectives necessary to sustain a life of outward service to others.

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As I mentioned Photography is also a big part of my journey, both inward and outward. Poke around the links on my banner to find out more how photography is part of this journey. Take a look at my gallery here.

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Contact me directly at [email protected] to inquire about coming to speak and help your community engage the other. Let’s put your event on my calendar.

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  1. Andy, a friend recommended I connect with you because of similar interests in peace in the Holy Land. She sent me a link to your Go Fund Me account for the documentary. I am planning to travel to Palestine in November for the first time and this issue has become a major focus and passion for me. Mary Jo from Sammamish thought we should “meet.” Lovely photos!! I’ve paddled Trillium Lake a number of times in my kayak. We are so blessed to live in the Pacific Northwest. — maureen

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