Egyptian Ambassador

While I was busy in study and reflection last month at Overseas Ministry Study Center, I had the wonderful opportunity to dip in and out of some wonderful conversations at the OMSC. One lecturer, who is a visiting professor of Islamics at Yale Divinity School, gave a lecture on “Why Egypt Matters.” She of course was qualified to speak to the current situation in Egypt because she was the former Egyptian Ambassador! And of course I needed to spend some time with her, Dr. Sallama Shaker, to get her read on many aspects of the current situation. I sent her my video explaining what we are doing in peacemaking.

In a short note from Sallama Shaker, wrote this: “Dear Mr. Larsen, I watched your video and would have loved if you would have had the opportunity to visit my class and share with them your experience from the field in peace-building. I sincerely appreciate your encouraging words that come from an experienced scholar who is trying to build bridges…Let us try to get together before you leave OMSC because clearly we are on the same wave length.”

Here is the video on “Visual Peacemaking.”

Andrew Larsen – Visual Peacemaking from John Yeager on Vimeo.

OMSC is the Overseas Ministry Study Center in New Haven, Connecticut, where I’ve been on a writing retreat.