I’m convinced we need this NOW. Many have asked for this previously. I’m finally bringing enough focus (smiling as I use this word) to developing this option for those who want to go deeper. Now you can join me and a growing community to learn how to walk this path of visio divina.

Here’s a pitch on my credentials and why I think I can help you in this journey? I’ve been on this photographic journey since I was a teenager, studied and practiced spirituality with Catholics and Protestants; with the Jesuits, Benedictines, the Selah community and Dallas Willard. I’ve done silent retreats in Mexico as well as New Mexico. I’ve journeyed with a Spiritual Director and studied this stuff in graduate school as well as the school of personal failure. I’m also a visual peacemaker, having co-produced a film on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict telling the story of peacemakers in conflict, and I use photography to tell stories across other cultural divides, principally the Christian-Muslim divide. I help to remove labels and build bridges of understanding where walls normally exist. Visio Divina & Visual Peacemaking are two sides to the same coin for me. It’s a full orbit, inward and outward, journey of peace. I’ve found the intersection of these two streams very important in my life. And, also in these times. I’m very excited to share what I’ve learned with others this year and to build a community that knows inner peace, while working for communal peace.