This won’t be too profound because my brain keeps trying to shut down out of physical exhaustion. Today we had a layover in Cairo. Oh my gosh! Such beauty mixed with lots and lots of sunshine and history and people!!! I’m beginning to collect some thoughts but it’ll take a while to curate what I’m seeing and learning. Praying in the Al-Ashar mosque today and having a short discussion with the Grand mufti was deeply meaningful. I received a special warm greeting from the mufti when I told him I was a Christian brother. He seemed to have a soft spot for my spiritual tribe. ❤️🙏.
The group I’m traveling with knows I’m a Christian minister which has invited plenty of questions already. Have you ever thought of trying to explain the difference between Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestants? Briefly? Then add on evangelicals! Tonight we fly to Baghdad where we will add another 20 degrees to our temperature and some intensity over the next few days. Prayers for health, safety and meaningful connections and conversations are welcome. 🙏Thanks for following along.


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