Structure of a Group Session
Warm-up and introductions. Facilitator can lead introductions and work through the study guide intro materials (5-20 minutes). In subsequent sessions review what you looked at last session
Prayer for constructive conversation, learning and application (1-2 minutes)
Session video and discussion. Watch video introduction and/or sections from either movie which are relevant to the session topic. (35-50 minutes)

Session #1 begins by asking how we might consider peacemaking as part of our own Christian formation or discipleship. We also borrow from our first movie when we interviewed Mitri Raheb who presented the challenge that we become actual peacemakers instead of mere peacetalkers.

  1. Respond to Andy’s conversation in the video (see session #1 video) about his conversation with the Muslim Imam.
  2. How does Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s quote relate to our study?
  3. What are your framing perceptions or beliefs about the Holy Land, or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict before this group study?
  4. Who spoke to you most from either movie or what new thing did you learn?
  5. What in your mind seem to be some of the critical obstacles to peace in Israel/Palestine?