Night Photography and the Discipline of Slowing

Lookout 1

“In our culture, we tend to gather information in ways that do not work very well when the source is the human soul: the soul is not responsive to subpoenas or cross-examinations. At best it will stand in the dock only long enough to plead the Fifth Amendment. At worst it will jump bail and never be heard from again.

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Each Small Candle Lights a Corner of the Dark

Lyrics by Roger Waters from his LP “In The Flesh” Not the torturer will scare me Nor the body’s final fall Nor the barrels of death’s rifles Nor the shadows on the wall Nor the night when to the ground The last dim star of pain, is hurled But the blind indifference Of a merciless, unfeeling world Lying in the

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Blessed Are The Peacemakers: Feedback from Viewers


  “I fully enjoyed the perspective. Thank you! Continue this journey, please. I have spent many years in the Middle East and authored a book on culture. I have a Phd in study of NGO’s in Cairo as well…Your content can also help the Egyptians too. I would like to help with the teaching and curriculum development and any other

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A Community of Reconciliation


I took this photo after a wonderful and potentially ground breaking gathering recently at my Muslim friend’s home. We were Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Secular guests of the Khaki’s who shared over “3 cups of tea”. The 3 cups represent first, listening to each other, then learning and finally, respecting each other. It’s a simple yet powerful antidote to much

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10 What-ifs for Peacemakers


I just completed a long season of ministry travel–speaking, engaging, bridge building, supporting and learning from other peacemakers. My travel took me to the Middle East 2xs, Canada 1x, the East Coast 3xs as well as several churches in the Puget Sound region. I was in several mosques, homes of Muslims in Hebron and Seattle, and also the personal residence

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