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“Through personal storytelling, biblical preaching, and literally getting us out of the church and into a mosque, Andy walked alongside our church with the question, “Compelled by God’s love, what does it mean to love our Muslim neighbor?” Wise, gentle, and prophetic, Andy doesn’t just talk about peacemaking–he lives it.”

Rev. Ted Burrows
Modesto Covenant Church, California
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  1. Andrew…was up in Rocky Mountain National Park with relatives yesterday, and told them about your taking pictures with that international group some years ago. Your God-honoring talent is amazing…I am grateful for all you do with the heart you have for others.

    I do have a business question for you. As we develop a workshop on whole-life mentoring, what might be the proper way to use some of your work in our presentations? What would be the cost? What would be the licensing arrangements on use? If any of this is a possibility, then how would I access your catalog of pictures/images?

    This is only an exploration. But, you pictures are easily some of the finest I have seen. If this does not work…sincerely, not a problem…we remain friends.

    …blessings abundant,


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