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Andy’s Trip to the United Nations

You ever walk away from an experience and have a deep sense that something HOLY just happened? My trip this week to the United Nations was one of those. First of all, how in the world did I get to this place, at this time, with these people? Well, watch the video and then read my answers and observations from the day below. Thanks for listening. And reading. And praying. And supporting this important work that is full of…

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What is Worldly Holiness?

This is the synopsis of my dissertation which I completed in 2007 and the fodder for a book I’m working on called, “Confessions of a Recovering Evangelical.” These ideas have been seminal for me for nearly 15 years in my post graduate studies and ministry of peacemaking and serving as a pastor. I welcome your thoughts and questions in the comments section below. Thanks kindly, Andy   Final Project Dissertation Proposal Worldly Holiness: Recovering a Missional Spirituality for Our…

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What is Visual Peacemaking?

Philosophy behind “Blessed Are The Peacemakers” Movie and my larger work in Visual Peacemaking Throughout history people have fallen into the trap of making enemies with, demonizing, stereotyping, and fighting the “other.” There has been a flood of conflicts based on ethnic, cultural, and religious identity in the post-cold war era that have ended the lives of millions, destroyed economies, and torn apart families.  Much of this has been fueled by the growing availability of technology, especially photography and…

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Look Who Shows Up for Peacemaking: Strange Bedfellows (but maybe not)

I just got off the phone after an amazing and refreshing conversation with Mark, one of my best friends from the last 5 years. Mark is in Boston now finishing his PhD in architecture at MIT. We became friends while he was in Seattle, finishing his Master’s degree in postmodern architecture. When I got off the phone I realized how much I missed Mark. I pondered, “what makes our relationship so rich? Why do I miss Mark so much?”…

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Discipleship & Fear: Fight or Flight

One of the things I keep running into when I speak to Christian audiences, especially when dealing with our Muslim neighbors is fear. This hearkens back to the nearly universal response to 9-11 when I was a pastor in a church.  I found people in the pew at church willing to go to war, almost as a first response to the danger and threat that seemed to be engulfing our nation. There is a danger when we allow fear…

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