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From Peacetalkers to Peacemakers + Make Hummus Not Walls

Check out the Video Study Guide Intro Want to learn more about peacemaking efforts in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? We’ve got two new releases for you. Make Hummus not Walls (a 25 minute emotional, but factually driven documentary movie of personal stories in the midst of conflict). Our sequel movie (following “Blessed Are the Peacemakers” ) tells the story of a contentious week in Jerusalem and the broader Palestinian-Israeli conflict in May, 2018 when we were on location for about 12…

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An Afternoon at the Wall

Jerusalem, like no other place on earth has provided a foundation for the three principle mono-theistic religions of the world; Christianity, Judaism and Islam. But for centuries it’s also served as a hotbed for unrest and violence as followers of these three spiritual paths to God struggle for the heart, mind and soul of humankind. Can peace break out in a place like this? Seattle peacemaker Andy Larsen, an ordained minister and John Yeager, an Emmy-award winning Seattle reporter…

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More Than a Photo Opp

My heart was moved (and tears shed) by our meeting today with Congressman Dave Reichert of the 8th Congressional district of my wonderful state of Washington. We sat together (Muslim, Mormon, Jewish and Christian leaders) and joined in a positive discussion about the need for peace in Israel/Palestine. We recognized our common concern for those who suffer in the conflict, on both sides. Our congressman committed to meet again, to forming an action group together WITH him to foster…

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Gaza is in a Humanitarian Crisis

The numbers in Gaza are staggering. Friend and colleague, Mae Cannon, Senor Director of Advocacy and Outreach for World Vision US is being interviewed today by CNN on the situation in Gaza. We need to pressure our government to advocate for a durable and just peace immediately. Please read the “Gaza Statement” detailing the carnage and the appeal to stop the extensive violence on each side. Gaza Statement 8.1.14

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