A year ago, March 2018 we were preparing for our trip to Palestine to help with a couple multi-narrative tours of the Holy Land. Later in our time I had the opportunity to teach a class on peacemaking in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for North Park Theological Seminary. Also, as a newlyContinue Reading

Here is a shorter version of my video that is catching media’s eye. But you know what? In our media saturated, ego driven, entitlement culture I like to speak like a grand poobah about the need for justice in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict when many Palestinians, and Israelis, on the groundContinue Reading

I’ve just recently concluded a wonderful trip full of ministry highlights and reflections that I will share with you over the next week or so with some video highlights of various aspects of the trip as well. I will start with the incredible serendipity that came across my path theContinue Reading