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  • Make Hummus Not Walls

    Our new movie captures an intense week in Israel-Palestine when we sought to stand for a just and sustainable peace.

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  • Adding Soul to Your Photography

    Whether you're a serious hobbyist or just love to snap pictures with your phone let's learn together.

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  • Waging Peace: Getting to Know Your Other

    Much of the work of peacemaking starts by going to meet and get to know your "other". Join a growing network of peacemakers engaging their Muslim neighbors.

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Peacemaking / About

Start the Journey Towards Peace

I work as a consultant and player-coach with many churches and organizations seeking to understand the “other” and empower peacemaking initiatives. See what others are saying and learn how you can join the journey of peacemaking.

Soul Photography

Exploring the intersection of Photography and Spirituality

Whether you just appreciate good pictures or enjoy taking them, here's a chance to learn more about how to use your camera in your spiritual journey. Phone cameras work too. Pick up new ideas from Andy's discoveries in the intersection of photography and spirituality.

Movies & Stuff

From Peacetalking to Peacemaking

Follow Andy's journey in the heartbreaking, longest standing conflict in modern history as he seeks to magnify the voices of real and gritty peacemakers on all sides of this conflict. Screen a movie, form a study group and use the new video study guide.

More Than Nice Pictures--2024 Calendar

2024 Calendar Features

You can actually own some of Andy's award winning photos that have appeared in many publications (including the National Geographic). Order his 2024 Calendar and follow his techniques and contemplative practice through the next year.

Waging Peace

Misunderstanding and conflict between Muslims and Christians is rampant and sadly growing. Peace in the Middle East? Never! This is part of today’s story but not the entire picture. While news headlines often feature the bad news, this drowns out the many, and I would add predominantly good news stories that I experience every day in my relationships with Muslims and in Israel-Palestine. The bad news is often exacerbated by a large megaphone grabbed by those who set fires of misunderstanding and prejudice, “othering” each other as they promote more conflict instead of seeking truth and making peace. There is stuff that happens. For sure. Extremists on all sides, in all quarters of the globe seek to hijack basic human rights, or the message of faithful adherents who find God calling us to peacemaking instead of living in enmity and fear of each other. But that's not the whole story.

From Peacetalking to Peacemaking — Introduction

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Yemen In Crisis: An Educational Resource

Follow the up/down arrows below this PDF document to read the 10-page Educational Resource.

Water Usage in Israel-Palestine

95% Water in Gaza Unfit for Humans

Israeli Consumption of Available Water

Palestinian Consumption of Available Water

Palestinian Water Projects Approved

Israeli Water Projects Approved

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