Here’s what leaders and media are saying about Andy’s work…

A Local Church Pastor:

“Through personal storytelling, biblical preaching, and literally getting us out of the church and into a mosque, Andy walked alongside our church with the question, “Compelled by God’s love, what does it mean to love our Muslim neighbor?” Wise, gentle, and prophetic, Andy doesn’t just talk about peacemaking–he lives it.”

Rev. Ted Burrows
Modesto Covenant Church, California

A Faculty member at Seattle Pacific University:

“We recognize you as an agent of change for reconciliation and an influential community leader. We’d like to invite you to influence the next generation of community leaders here at Seattle Pacific University.”


A Muslim leader:
“I have enjoyed our friendship and have appreciated your reaching out to Muslim congregations in Seattle. As a Muslim I have been inspired and continue to be enriched by a man of peace like you from the Christian community. I pray to Almighty to bless you with even more strength as you help Christians and Muslims find common ground as we all seek closeness to God. We will reap what we sow. As Rumi says, “do not doubt the fate of the human seed. Let us continue building bridges of understanding and pledge to uphold universal values universally.”

Executive Denominational Minister:
“Andy has been called a “person of peace” by a Muslim imam and demonstrated what it means to build relationships across seemingly impossible barriers. Andy has helped local churches think about best practices and models for this kind of reconciliation ministry. We endorse this ministry wholeheartedly.”

Lay leader in a local church:
“Andy spent a weekend at our church recently speaking about his bridge building relationships with Muslims. This approach resonates in contrast with so much media attention to extremists. It was a new message for a lot of our members, but they seemed willing to listen and be open because of Andy’s gentle and non-threatening presence. Now we can discuss this topic more freely and see our Muslim neighbors in a new light, building friendships as God leads.”

Someone who visited a Mosque with Andy: “I really appreciated visiting the Iman Center for an Iftar on Friday. Our host, Imam Jawad Khaki, graciously and with a bit of humor shared insights and answered questions about Ramadan, Iftar and the Islamic faith. One of the highlights was a young boy asking his dad great theological questions during the Quran reading. Another was sharing the Iftar meal with a woman who was very passionate about rescuing women from the sex trade. She thought it was providential that I choose to sit next to her. One new fact I learned is that Muslims read through the entire Quran during Ramadan. I thought it would be a cool tradition to read through the Bible every year during Lent. I also love how many countries are represented when I attend Iftars, which feeds my international soul! Thanks for facilitating this Andrew E. Larsen!”

A Local Church Pastor: “Andy Larsen recently gave a presentation and engaged our congregation around the question, “Who is our neighbor?” His knowledge and experience as a bridge-builder and peacemaker was evident as he encouraged us to look outside our normal circles of friendships. Andy is well-suited for this ministry as he travels effortlessly between Muslim and Christian communities and invites us to do the same.”

Here is a Seattle area radio interview featuring my movie documentary project on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Another radio interview on a Portland radio station during the failed Kerry talks with Israel and Palestine in 2014.

Here is a front page article in the Bellevue Reporter about our movie on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
In Search of Peace

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