Been pushing hard the last few days preparing for and then giving two teaching webinars. This afternoon I took a long, much needed walk to savor God’s beautiful creation, to be renewed, and to pray for transformative results from offering my best on the topic of loving our neighbors, especiallyContinue Reading

Bethlehem is on my heart a lot these days. We have the special privilege of being there for Christmas real soon and plans are coming together to visit friends–Christian friends, Muslim friends, Jewish friends, Palestinian Muslims and Christians, Internationals. There’s a lot more to this demographic map of peoples weContinue Reading

These are More Questions Related to our Study Guide and Movies on Peacemaking, focusing on “Why is There a Conflict.” Refer to study guide video #2 for exploring the questions below. Huda Giddens lived through the initial conflicts that led to the birth of the State of Israel. But asContinue Reading

Structure of a Group Session • Warm-up and introductions. Facilitator can lead introductions and work through the study guide intro materials (5-20 minutes). In subsequent sessions review what you looked at last session • Prayer for constructive conversation, learning and application (1-2 minutes) • Session video and discussion. Watch videoContinue Reading