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From Peacetalkers to Peacemakers + Make Hummus Not Walls

Release Date: Christmas Day. Check out the Video Study Guide Intro Want to learn more about peacemaking efforts in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? We’ve got two new releases for you. Make Hummus not Walls (a 25 minute emotional, but factually driven documentary movie of personal stories in the midst of conflict). Our sequel movie (following “Blessed Are the Peacemakers” ) tells the story of a contentious week in Jerusalem and the broader Palestinian-Israeli conflict in May, 2018 when we were on…

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Going Deeper. Introducing 2018 Visio Divina Bonus Features

I’m convinced we need this NOW. Many have asked for this previously. I’m finally bringing enough focus (smiling as I use this word) to developing this option for those who want to go deeper. Now you can join me and a growing community to learn how to walk this path of visio divina. Here’s a pitch on my credentials and why I think I can help you in this journey? I’ve been on this photographic journey since I was…

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Making Reconciliation Real

I’m preparing to preach this Sunday at Newport Covenant Church where I served for 5 years over 10 years ago. I think it would be honest and real to say I’m just a little anxious. While this church has been an important place in my life and while I have many dear friends from this community, there’s also a few ghosts for me. It was this church where the Pastoral Relations Committee asked me to leave, really for the…

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What is Visual Peacemaking?

Philosophy behind “Blessed Are The Peacemakers” Movie and my larger work in Visual Peacemaking Throughout history people have fallen into the trap of making enemies with, demonizing, stereotyping, and fighting the “other.” There has been a flood of conflicts based on ethnic, cultural, and religious identity in the post-cold war era that have ended the lives of millions, destroyed economies, and torn apart families.  Much of this has been fueled by the growing availability of technology, especially photography and…

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Discipleship & Fear: Fight or Flight

One of the things I keep running into when I speak to Christian audiences, especially when dealing with our Muslim neighbors is fear. This hearkens back to the nearly universal response to 9-11 when I was a pastor in a church.  I found people in the pew at church willing to go to war, almost as a first response to the danger and threat that seemed to be engulfing our nation. There is a danger when we allow fear…

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