Seattle’s Andrew Larsen is a peacemaker with a high-powered lens. Larsen is called to build bridges between Muslims and Christians using his breathtaking photography. He calls it “Visual Peacemaking.” The ordained minister with the Evangelical Covenant Church has traveled throughout the Middle East, armed only with a Canon 5D Mark 3 camera as he captures images and builds lasting friendships.

Trailer for “Blessed Are the Peacemakers” from Andrew E. Larsen on Vimeo.

Larsen and Emmy award-winning producer John Yeager have just finished producing a documentary tracing Larsen’s journey to the Holy Land (including Israel & the West Bank) to tell the story of people in this mysterious and often misunderstood part of the world. What Andrew Larsen has learned serves as a lesson to us all; if you have enough love in your heart and you can visualize peace–it just might happen. John and Andy bring extensive experience in visual storytelling and peacemaking. John has won 17 Emmys for his work in broadcast television and news, while Andy’s photography has landed in many publications including the National Geographic. We believe there is hope for peace when people find their better selves, and their stories are told. Contact Andy Larsen at [email protected] for more information or to request a screening! Go here to learn more or make a donation!


Here is a 12 minute radio interview about the movie on the Dave Ross radio program here in Seattle.

2 weeks ago we celebrated the stories of peacemakers with a full house. Thanks to Vince Vonada for capturing the fun of the evening. A wonderful job!

Posted by Andrew E. Larsen on Friday, February 12, 2016


GoFundMe Documentary on Visual Peacemaking in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Here is our 2 minute trailer about our movie project.

Here is an interview on the radio about the movie project and our filming trip in November.

Friday morning, November 7th, 2014 – Old Jerusalem. An impatient crowd expecting entrance to the Al-Aqsa Mosque near the Temple Mount in the heart of Jerusalem is blocked by Israeli soldiers and police trying to maintain an orderly flow of worshipers.

Jerusalem, like no other place on earth has provided a foundation for the three monotheistic religions of the world; Christianity, Judaism and Islam. But for centuries it’s also served as a hotbed for unrest and violence as followers of these three spiritual paths to God struggle for the heart, mind and soul of humanity. Can peace break out in a place like this? Seattle peacemaker Andy Larsen, an ordained minister and John Yeager, an Emmy-award winning Seattle reporter are producing a short documentary about that search of peace in the Middle East. Larsen calls is “Visual Peacemaking.” The working title for the GoFundMe documentary is “Blessed are the Peacemakers.” Help support this ambitious project but first, join us for a short trip on an afternoon in Old Jerusalem.

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