. Bon Nadal, originally uploaded by papalars. Bon Nadal can be translated literally "Good Nativity." Probably a more user-friendly version is Merry Christmas! The language is Catalan, which is the regional language of the state of Catalonia, where Barcelona is located. One of the curious things we have come toContinue Reading

Contemplation, originally uploaded by papalars. This new piece on my blog will evolve into an entire section on the “Inward” aspect of the Inward–Outward journey. To begin with I have posted quotes dealing with aspects of the inner life–leadership, contemplation, holiness (not a dirty word by the way), solitude andContinue Reading

We were in Rome for Thanksgiving last week! My family and I thought instead of feeling sorry for ourselves being far away from extended family and our two older children, we would do something that we have wanted to do for years-visit this historic and fascinating city. We were notContinue Reading