Here is a shorter version of my video that is catching media’s eye. But you know what? In our media saturated, ego driven, entitlement culture I like to speak like a grand poobah about the need for justice in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict when many Palestinians, and Israelis, on the groundContinue Reading

“They don’t let them into the city to meet real Palestinians anymore!” Words shared with me yesterday outside the Nativity Church in Bethlehem from Ahmed. “They are just greedy and selfish.” I’m finishing a 3 month term serving with EAPPI as an Ecumenical Accompanier, providing protective presence to vulnerable communities,Continue Reading

Tarqumiya Checkpoint. Yesterday I had a heartfelt conversation with an IDF soldier at the school checkpoint where I will be serving as “protective presence” for vulnerable children walking to and from school each day. I’m in Hebron in the West Bank to do this for 3 months. In a wayContinue Reading