Seattle’s Andrew Larsen, an ordained minister with the Evangelical Covenant Church, is a peacemaker with a high-powered lens. Larsen says he’s called to build bridges between Muslims and Christians using his breathtaking photography. He calls it “Visual Peacemaking.” Larsen travels extensively with his work, including the Middle East and specificallyContinue Reading

Here is my radio interview that aired this morning on KOMO radio with Jon Repp. Here’s to working for peace in the new year, using all the tools at our disposal. Apparently my tool box includes prayer, my camera, personal presence, and last but not least, ANIMAL NOISES. Here isContinue Reading

Here is a shorter version of my video that is catching media’s eye. But you know what? In our media saturated, ego driven, entitlement culture I like to speak like a grand poobah about the need for justice in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict when many Palestinians, and Israelis, on the groundContinue Reading

“Hoping (and working) for Peace in the Holy Land” Photo Gallery documenting the Israeli / Palestinian Conflict: (This show will travel. Invite me to share the photos and the stories of courage, peacemaking, and hope in the midst of conflict. Write me at: [email protected] FMI or to schedule a showing)Continue Reading